American Academy Of Ballet

The AAB Performance Awards Programme is a series of distinctive choreographic compositions over 12 levels, that students perform before a judge and an audience of parents, family and friends. The most important aspect of the Performance Awards is that they are NOT competitive – each student receives a medal, and a certificate. Not only can the studio “stars” perform the programme, but any student of a reasonable standard can take part in this programme.  An independent judge will attend the performance, evaluate the dancers and award the medals and certificates to each student. The judges have been specially selected by the AAB Directors, for their experience within the Performance Awards programme; their knowledge of ballet; and their ability to relate to both teachers and students. The Performance Awards are a stress-free, enjoyable experience for teachers, dancers, and parents alike. What can be more exciting for young dancer than to perform a solo dance before friends and family? – Especially when cameras, videos, and flowers at the end of the performance add to the excitement of this special day. Kim & Bonnie Hayman were two of the very first teachers in South Africa to enter Performance Awards. After a few years of taking part in the American Academy Performance Awards, Kim and Bonnie, seeing the need within the Modern and Tap disciplines, started the South African Dance Awards Programme (SADAP).

The South African Dance Awards Programme

Whilst the dancers are often exposed to various ballet competitions, awards programmes and bursaries, Kim & Bonnie Hayman, founders of the SADAP, felt there could be more exposure in the disciplines of Modern and Tap.

Although the children in South Africa are fortunate enough to be exposed to Dance Congresses, Conventions, Workshops and exams in Modern and Tap, there were no other performance programmes which they could work on to gain stage and performance experience.

It was therefore their dream to create the South African Dance Awards Programme, where children irrespective of their dance performance level, could perform on stage in front of an audience and showcase both their dancing abilities and stage presence. The aim of this programme is to enhance the performance, stage presence and confidence of the pupils, as well as challenge them to achieve a high technical standard.

This SADAP is beneficial to children of all levels and both local and International teachers have enjoyed working this programme.


Every alternate year, Kim and Bonnie Hayman produce a show of an exceptionally high standard, with guest singers and a professional sound and lighting team. From the “babies” right through to the teachers, the dancers will have the opportunity to showcase their talents. This is one of the highlights of the students’ dance calendar.

New York Dance Experience Tour

Since 2007, Kim and Bonnie have been taking groups of teens, senior dancers and teachers to experience dance at an International level. Some tour highlights include classes at Broadway Centre, a Famous New York City Tour and a visit to Juilliard. The dancers will also attend a few Broadway Ballets & Musicals. A visit to Atlantic City New Jersey, where Bonnie danced in the early 90’s, is often also part of the Summer tours.

Guest Teachers

On a regular basis, Hayman Dance will invite guest teachers with Local and International experience to teach at workshops. This is an awesome experience for the dancers especially for those who may not be able to participate in overseas tours.


Throughout the year, Hayman Dance participate in various fundraising events hosted by the numerous societies they belong to and organisations they support.